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Network Development (Wired and Wireless)

Do you want to join your PCs together to share resources such as printers or the internet connection? Maybe even have a wireless system? We can help with the network development to achieve this.

We specialise in extended range wireless networks, for example covering hotels and large houses.

To ensure that you get the most from your organisation it is essential you have a network backbone to connect your systems together. You may already have a network and want to find new ways to improve it. Networking costs have significantly reduced in recent years and in many cases wireless networking is the way forward. Wireless networking saves substantial cost, as it requires no physical changes to your office environment. However, depending on your nature of business even the impressive bandwidth that wireless networks can offer may not be enough for your needs.

Whatever your demands we can complement your IT infrastructure. We have substantial experience in deploying and managing IT infrastructures from small businesses to large enterprises. Switching and Routing technology has advanced recently and as a result costs have reduced noticeably. By arranging a site visit you could be surprised at how much we can improve your network infrastructure at a relatively low cost.

Perhaps you want to enhance your existing wired network with a wireless facility, we have the expertise to ensure that you can offer improved flexibility without compromising on security. Contact us to find out more about network development and arrange a site visit.