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Upgrades and New PCs

Your staff are most likely to be your most valuable and expensive resource, we expect you want the highest productivity from them. An employee working on a fast and powerful workstation is far more profitable than their colleague who works on a slow outdated machine. By today’s standards a computer that is more than 4 years old is generally in need of an upgrade to enable it to stay efficient with the improved systems that are around it. Anything older than 5 years may very likely benefit from a complete replacement.

We are able to analyse your network and find ways to tune your workstations to ensure they meet the benchmark and your budget.

Similarly different people demand different loads from their computers, so the performance of those computers needs to match this requirement. This may mean a relatively small outlay for upgrades can yield noticeable productivity improvements to your workplace.

All of our PCs use the most reliable and highest quality components and can be built from scratch to ensure they complement your specific needs. Extensive experience of PC development means we have the skills you need to exploit the maximum possible performance from your network. Contact us today to arrange a site visit and an appraisal of your network.