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Computer Training

Ever heard the expression ‘all the gear no idea’? Well with computers that couldn’t be truer. It’s easy to get carried away and buy all the bells and whistles then sit back and think ‘…how on earth do I get this to work?’ Well don’t worry help is at hand. Computer Problem Solutions can help you out with computer training in Cleeve and across the South West.

Our engineers have extensive experience of working with computer hardware and software in the IT Industry. We understand how frustrating it can be to wish you knew more and have learnt the hard way. We will be able to give you training that explains how to use a piece of software or hardware in plain English, so that when we leave you feel in control again.

It might be that you thought you knew how something worked and then found it doesn’t behave as you expect. We’ve been there and have felt that pain. Take the opportunity to have us visit your home and spend time explaining how you can restore order to once again become master of the machine.

If you need computer training in Cleeve, North Somerset or the surrounding areas, contact Computer Problem Solutions to see how we can help.