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Virus Defence

From around 2010, viruses have evolved into a completely different ‘beast’. We regularly hear how some people ‘in the know’ have recommended an anti-virus software which frankly does not do the job. Virus defence is an important thing to consider on any computer system.

Viruses and malware evolve quickly. There are always stories in the news of things like ‘ransomware’ causing all sorts of problems. They can be obtained in all sorts of ways including email attachments and infected downloads. Viruses are no longer just an annoyance that cause unwanted popups. They can take over your whole computer locking you out from all of your files. They can see everything you type including passwords and bank information, and transmit the information back to their creator.

If you are even slightly worried about picking up a threat, we can install the correct software to provide the best virus defence. We can also remove any existing viruses and make sure your computer doesn’t become infected again.

Even if you’ve never picked up a virus before, don’t take this advice lightly. We visit on average one customer per day who has inadequate anti-virus protection and as a result has picked up some form of malware (virus or similar). Contact CPS now for help with virus defence.