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Wireless Networking

Do you want to join your PCs, laptops and phones together to share resources such as printers or internet connection? CPS can help with wireless networking in Axbridge, North Somerset and the surrounding areas.

Many people have a range of devices in their home including PCs, laptops, tablets and phones. While many internet providers provide a wireless router with their internet installation, they often don’t cover the whole of the house. Computer Problem Solutions can help setup your own wireless network which will cover every corner of your home. Your network will not only allow each device connection to the internet, but will allow all of your devices to share accessories such as printers.

We have extensive knowledge of networking gained during many years in large Commercial Enterprises. We know what works and how to deliver a secure and affordable solution. We can provide for all your wireless networking needs in Axbridge and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn how we can set up a powerful, secure and affordable private network in your home.