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Broadband Setup & Troubleshooting

Everything we do now seems to involve getting online. Broadband internet access is the standard way of doing this thanks to its ever increasing availability and speed. We can help with broadband setup & troubleshooting in Worle and across the West Country.

CPS specialise in setting up broadband in the correct way, allowing you to take full advantage of the high speeds now available. We can provide new connections and offer advise on the different types of connection available from your local exchange, making sure you get the service you need.

We can also setup wired and wireless networks and provide devices such as wireless booster boxes. These extend the range and quality of your wireless network, making sure you get consistent speeds and connection quality throughout your house.

As well as setting up new broadband connections, we can also troubleshoot frustrating broadband problems such as slow speeds and dropped connections. Our engineers can diagnose the problem and help to get you back up and running with a fast and stable connection.

The availability of fast broadband connections is always increasing. For example, a new fibre optic network has been installed in Worle providing the area with broadband with speeds of up to 40mb! If you’d like to take advantage of these speeds, or if you’d like our help or advice with broadband setup & troubleshooting in Worle or across the West Country, contact us now.